Innovative beauty technology hydeep cooperates with Munich Airport

The beauty brand hydeep is now cooperating with Munich Airport. The cooperation started last autumn and has been strengthened in recent months.

hydeep has specialized in the development of new products in the beauty sector and brought the innovative, scientifically based microneedle technology from South Korea to Germany. The technology makes it possible to deliver active ingredients such as hyaluronan directly into the right depth of the skin using small microneedle patches. This unique process has been clinically proven and makes it possible to supply the skin with high-quality ingredients, thus improving complexion.

The microneedle patches from hydeep can be used conveniently at home. The patches are thin and flexible and can be used on different parts of the face. The high-quality ingredients are introduced into the upper layers of the skin using tiny needles, where they can take full effect and work effectively against dark circles, the first expression lines, and emerging blemishes.

hydeep is looking forward to the partnership with Munich Airport. This collaboration allows the brand to be discovered by a wider audience and showcase its innovative technology to an international audience. The brand focuses on quality and effectiveness and promises encouraging results for healthy and radiant skin.