yoself launches its own technology for an individual customer experience

yoself focuses on individuality and personality in the sleep test market. With a new technology, yoself is changing the shopping experience by using a questionnaire developed with experts to query and evaluate various customer data points and then present individually tailored recommendations and products. Over 40 data points are collected using the questionnaire, which can be used for analysis and further customer input. This not only sets yoself apart from other e-commerce platforms, but also underscores the approach of really wanting to understand and help customers with this new technology.

Despite difficult market environment, scalyst still on course for success

The Ukraine crisis has left its mark on the e-commerce sector in particular because it is also feeling customers’ reluctance to buy, primarily due to increased energy costs and high inflation. As early as March, scalyst already reacted to this situation by changing the corporate strategy for the short and medium term: from March, the focus was only on the platform technology, work on the algorithm, and the sleep test market. Media and marketing costs were reduced, thus allowing the company to stay on course despite the challenging situation.