yoself continues to expand its expertise in the field of sleep

Markus Kamps is one of the most successful sleep coaches in Germany. yoself is working with him to expand its expertise and portfolio in the area of sleep. yoself is collaborating with the sleep coach to develop a program that will provide customers with a lot of knowledge about sleep, while also creating a high level of awareness around the subject. “Sleep is the most important building block. If we don’t sleep well, the entire organism suffers,” warns sleep expert Markus Kamps.

10,000 customers on yoself—thanks for your trust

The entire yoself team is delighted that we recently reached the 10,000 customer mark on our platform.

We would like to thank each and every customer for their trust and support. It’s wonderful that we’ve built such a loyal and dedicated community of customers to help us achieve our vision of a holistic well-being experience.
Since the very beginning, we have worked hard to provide quality products focused on helping our customers live full and balanced lives. Our platform includes a wide range of products, from yoga mats and podcasts to natural supplements and skin care products.

yoself conducts big MAFO study on balance

yoself recently conducted a comprehensive market study on the subject of balance. The study aimed to deepen the understanding of the importance of balance in everyday life and to examine the various factors that influence physical and mental balance. The study included a wide sample of participants from different age groups and walks of life. Participants were surveyed to find out what factors they think contribute to achieving balance in their lives and what obstacles they experience along the way.

The results of the study were extremely revealing. Participants agreed that exercise, a balanced diet, and adequate sleep are important factors in maintaining a healthy balance. In addition, the study found that a positive attitude, social support, and relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation also play important roles. Another finding of the study was that many participants struggle with obstacles, such as stress, lack of time, and bad habits like too much screen time, which make it difficult to lead a balanced life.

However, the study also shows that it is possible to achieve balance even with such challenges by focusing on the things you can control and making small changes in everyday life. The results are the basis for further work by yoself and will have a decisive influence on the product selection and the program composition.

The detailed results of the study will be published on yoself from May.