yoself inspires at the press day with strong sleep expertise and own brand presentation

On 03/23/2023, the online platform yoself held a successful press day together with the renowned PR agency Lohr-Nehmer, where it presented its strong expertise in the field of sleep as well as its own brands urban eden, hydeep and The greenest greens.

One of the highlights of the day was the opportunity to take the Sleep Check developed with experts directly on site, which provides valuable information about one's own sleep behavior. The high interest of the invited journalists, editors, bloggers and influencers in this offer clearly showed that the topic of sleep is of great importance to many people.

Both the PR agency Lohr-Nehmer and the yoself staff on site held many intensive discussions with the guests and were able to record a high demand for follow-up talks overall.

The press day was a complete success and shows that yoself as an online platform for sleep and wellbeing is an important player on the market. With its own brands and strong expertise in sleep, yoself stands for a conscious and healthy lifestyle that appeals to more and more people.

"We are very pleased with the success of the press day and the great interest in our concept," said Martin Dess, CEO of yoself GmbH. "The feedback from the participants was very positive and we are sure that we can make an important contribution to society with our products and our know-how in the field of sleep."

The PR agency Lohr-Nehmer was also satisfied with the course of the press day. Ina Lohr-Nehmer, Managing Director: "We have received a high level of interest signaled from the ranks of our guests. Yoself is an exciting company with great potential and we are proud that they participated in this event as a partner."

Scalyst inspires with event on Mallorca

In a dreamlike location on Mallorca, scalyst inspired potential investors. Martin Dess and Peter Olsson invited interested persons to participate in a comprehensive presentation about scalyst and to dive into the world of yoself.

The day started with a Breath Work session by Andreas Stollreiter and culminated in a cozy wine evening in the sunset of Mallorca. All in all, the participants spent 2.5 days together with the founders of scalyst and got to know Brand Ambassadors, tested products and got an insight into the daily business of yoself.

"We wanted to make yoself perceptible" said Martin Dess "and we really succeeded" added Peter Olsson. All those present agreed with him.

There will certainly be more events of this kind in which we present the world of scalyst and yoself, because founder Martin Dess is sure of one thing: "scalyst is a game changer. And all participants became aware of that here in Mallorca. Moreover, it was a great opportunity to get into dialogue with people on the topic of balance. It provided inspiration all along the line."

Sleep lab results at home - Withings Sleep Analyzer

Real-time health parameters, records of breathing patterns, heart rate and body movement. Information about the duration of the individual sleep phases, depth and regeneration of sleep. Such data is actually only provided by a night in the sleep laboratory!

With the Withings Sleep Analyzer, yoself customers have an innovation in sleep health that makes this precise health data available at home. The Sleep Analyzer was developed in collaboration with sleep physicians at the Béclère Hospital in Paris and has been extensively tested using data from polysomnography (PSG) analysis, the gold standard in sleep diagnostics.

The Sleep Analyzer is a small mat equipped with numerous high-precision sensors, which is placed under the mattress. All sleep-related data is analyzed in real time via the app and evaluated using developed algorithms. Immediately after getting up, you receive an analysis of your own sleep, which can be compared with measurements in a sleep laboratory - for yourself or the doctor treating you. In addition, the Sleep Analyzer is able to detect sleep apnea with medical accuracy, a disease that in many cases often goes undetected for years and is usually only diagnosed by chance.

For many people it is clear that they have a problem with their sleep, but cannot correctly identify it. The Sleep Analyzer makes it possible for these people to find out exactly what the problem is. Too few deep sleep phases, a heart rate that is too high during the night or breathing problems during sleep - the Sleep Analyzer finds out what the problem is.

The Withings Sleep Analyzer is a must-have for anyone who wants to learn more about and optimize their sleep!

We at yoself are delighted to be able to offer our customers such an innovative product and are enthusiastic Withings users ourselves.

yoself develops a 30-day sleep program with expert support

yoself is launching a 30-day sleep improvement program in June. Good sleep is one of the most important factors in overall well-being, and many people struggle with sleeping problems.

The 30-day program includes a variety of activities and exercises aimed at getting you back to a good night’s sleep. It includes breathing exercises, yoga practices, diet tips, and relaxation exercises. Each day of the program focuses on a specific theme and offers a variety of activities.

Our experts have designed the program to suit people with different sleep problems. It is designed both for people who have difficulty falling asleep and for those who have difficulty sleeping through the night. We believe the program will help participants develop better sleep habits and achieve a deeper and more refreshing sleep pattern.

We believe the 30-day sleep program is an important step in offering our customers a healthier and more fulfilling life.

yoself cooperates with dagsmejan—innovative nightwear

yoself is pleased to announce a new partnership with innovative nightwear company dagsmajan. The aim of the collaboration is to provide our customers with an even more complete wellness experience by offering high-quality and sustainable nightwear that contributes to rest and relaxation.

A good night’s sleep is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, and we are confident that dagsmejan’s products will help provide our customers with restful and peaceful sleep.

yoself is pleased to announce a new partnership with innovative nightwear company dagsmajan. The aim of the collaboration is to provide our customers with an even more complete wellness experience by offering high-quality and sustainable nightwear that contributes to rest and relaxation.

A good night’s sleep is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, and we are confident that dagsmejan’s products will help provide our customers with restful and peaceful sleep.

HOLIVITAL one year of success on HSE

The HOLIVITAL brand is celebrating its first anniversary on the HSE teleshopping channel and can look back on a successful year. HOLIVITAL was founded by scalyst together with co-founder Andreas Stollreiter, an experienced physiotherapist, osteopath, naturopath, and yoga teacher, and the brand pursues a holistic approach to health. This consists of combining nutritional supplements and innovative training methods while, primarily, regulating stress.

HOLIVITAL offers a wide range of carefully selected nutritional supplements and fitness equipment aimed at promoting physical, emotional, and mental health. For the past year, the brand has had a strong presence on the HSE teleshopping channel and has been able to reach a wide audience.

“We are very happy about the positive response and the success we have achieved in our first year on HSE,” says co-founder Andreas Stollreiter. “Our goal is to help people lead healthy and fulfilling lives and it’s great to see our messages and products resonate so well.”

Following its successful first year on HSE, HOLIVITAL will continue its mission of helping people improve their well-being. “We are grateful for the opportunity to present our products and services on HSE and look forward to further growth in the coming years,” says Andreas Stollreiter.

yoself launches its own range of candles under the yo brand

yoself has launched its new own brand “yo,” which includes a selection of luxurious scented candles. These candles have been specially developed for people who value high-quality workmanship and pleasantly subtle fragrances.
yoself’s “yo” candle range includes a variety of unique scents that have been carefully selected to soothe the mind and body and create a peaceful atmosphere. The yo candles are hand poured, are made from high-quality, environmentally friendly materials, and contain no harmful chemicals or additives.
The candles can be used in any environment, such as the bedroom, living room, or bathroom. Each candle comes with a special message designed to convey positive energies and affirmations and to focus the mind on that message.
The candles are available in four different fragrances: FOCUS, RELAX, SLEEP, and ENERGY

scalyst builds its own logistic center for yoself

yoself has grown significantly in a short period of time. scalyst AG has responded to the increased order volume and the desire to give customers an individual and personal unpacking experience by setting up its own logistics center. Since February 20th, 2023, the packages have been sent directly from yoself.

“This is another important milestone for yoself. This allows us to have a very positive influence on the final section of the customer journey for our products,” says Sarah Enderes, who is responsible for logistics at yoself.

This is how Germans sleep: more than one million pieces of sleep data analyzed

The yoself sleep analysis is a huge success and has so far collected over one million pieces of sleep data. From the length of sleep to bedroom hygiene to the evening routine, all aspects relevant to sleep are queried and provide information about individual sleep, but also about the sleeping behavior of an entire society. The data is processed and needs to be substantiated and further processed in additional studies.

yoself continues to expand its expertise in the field of sleep

Markus Kamps is one of the most successful sleep coaches in Germany. yoself is working with him to expand its expertise and portfolio in the area of sleep. yoself is collaborating with the sleep coach to develop a program that will provide customers with a lot of knowledge about sleep, while also creating a high level of awareness around the subject. “Sleep is the most important building block. If we don’t sleep well, the entire organism suffers,” warns sleep expert Markus Kamps.